The tannery leather was founded in the 1989 years. and we have a lot of experience in the process of production of any sheep fur skins. We do our best to make sure  that our products are of the highest quality in our country. The tanning process we use has achieved perfection thanks to long-standing experience and knowledge of our technologists and machining staff. We can guarantee the highest quality.  The atmosphere in our company is just like in the family and that brings out the best in everyone. Our job is a part of our life and everyone should be at ease. In our tannery each and every skin is thoroughly inspected and that is why you can be 100% sure that the product you receive is perfect. We use the best quality agents that available in Europe and, as a result, our skins are soft, fluffy and odourless. Recently we have extended our decorative skins offer with individual orders. If you want to place such an order or you have any questions regarding skins, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We are at your disposal and we will try to cater for your every need.

Quality and services

We sell our products locally but we also export them to some countries in Eastern and Western Europe (Austria,Belgium,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,France,Germany,Netherlands,England,Spain,Iceland,Ireland,Norway,Sweden,Russia,Ukraine and other countries.). We buy hides in Germany, England, the Netherlands,Spain,Island,Ireland,the U.S.A and Australia. Thanks to being innovative, the quality of our products is higher and higher and we are very good in what we do.